Board and Staff

Yasmin Ali


Zebbie Jabar

Vice President

Zulaika Rahim

Treasurer and Accounting

Hiba Kasim

Board Secretary

Meharunisa Kinnarath

Fundraising Chair

Erum Tanvir

Social Media and Website Manager

Najma Siddiqui

Member at Large

Humaira Jaleel

Chief Operating Officer

Ahlam Jasim

Outreach Coordinator

Houda Alkwatli

Donation and volunteer Coordinator

Hodan Ali

Administrative Support

Zeinab Ali

Administrative Support

Hassan Bare

Financial Empowerment


The Cutting Edge - Operations Director and Instructor

Mohammad Agha

Assistant Sewing Instructor

Trish Sinanan

Culinary Instructor

Michelle Strain

Employment Training Coordinator

Prerna Dharni

Employment Counsellor

Abimbola Wahab

Child Care Specialist

Abir Chehlouai

Child Care Assistant