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The Canadian Muslim Women’s Sewing Training Program and Social Enterprise is made up of two components: a one year training program and the establishment of a Social Enterprise called “SewFair”.

The Training Program commenced in April, 2008.  The goal of the training is to provide industrial sewing machine training and employment skills to marginalized Muslim women, and to prepare them for entry into the Canadian workforce. The training gives women who are economically dependent on social services, an opportunity to gain the skills necessary to become independent and self -sustaining.

The training program is made up of three major components:

  1. Vocational training for women in sewing machine operation (from beginner to advanced).
  2. Life and employment skills which will enhance the participants’ abilities to apply for and obtain work, and to integrate into mainstream Canadian society as productive community members and employees.
  3. English as an Additional Language (EAL) through vocabulary building, using words and vocabulary relevant to the training, employment and common day to day usage.

CMWI will have the social enterprise (SewFair) up and running by April, 2009. This social purpose enterprise will create jobs for participants who have successfully completed the training program.

The objectives of the enterprise include:

  1. to provide practical work experience for graduates,
  2. to build participants’ resumes,
  3. to enhance the graduates’ confidence, and
  4. to earn revenue that can be reinvested in the Enterprise.

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